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Om Patricia

I am a KTH student. I have good energy with animals. Everytime I am outdoors I encounter animals and they come to greet me, from dragonflies to deers. I have profound respect for living things and I like to take care of their space. I like to feed them, spend time with them, search about their behavior, personality, characteristics, habitat and how to get along with them. I am an anthropolinguistic and civil engineer. I have worked in research and interactions of humans and animals' communication. I like to spend time outdoors regardless of the weather and I am all terrain. I have had dogs, rabbits, turtle, birds and cats. I appreciate people who spend time and money to take care of living things.I live in a village in the first floor with a lot of grass and outdoors sourrundings, parks and lakes. I love to walk at least 2 to 4 hours a day.

I am flexible especially when your work schedule is subject to change, I am flexible and can step in on short notice. Calm & resourceful since any pet parent knows that with animals things do not always go according to plan.

Customer service

House sitting-Overnight or travel-water plants and take in mail-customer service

  • Schedule and attend to clients pets in their private residence, marketing, networking, establish new clients, customer service.
  • Pet sitter and daily dog ​​walker; teamwork; general office duties; scheduling; customer service.
  • Provide professional customer service to clients by sending regular updates concerning their pets.
  • Provided excellent customer service skills and the ability to emphasize with pet owners.
  • Clients Homes

    • Entered clients homes and cared for pets including walking, feeding, providing water, and checking mail.
    • Go to clients homes to walk, feed, and take care of a variety of pets
    • Go into clients homes and provide love and care for their animals while they are away.
    • Visited clients homes on a daily basis and as needed to walk and care for dogs.
    • Meet with prospective clients; provide quality care for various pets in clients homes.
    • Have experience in overnight boarding & overnight sitting in Clients homes.
    • Provide pet care at clients homes while clients are away.
    • Pet sat in clients homes.
    • Care for pets in clients homes Walk feed and clean pets of all types.
    • House and pet sitting service In my home and the clients homes.
    • Animal Care

      • Carried out pet owners every direction to ensure uninterrupted animal care and confidence for repeat business.
      • Provide in-home companion animal care to medically-fragile and geriatric animals.
      • Provided walking and sitting services for cats and dogs as at-home.
      • General animal care, including, feeding and medical assistance as needed as well as general farm daily activities.
      • Provide daily and evening animal care: dog walks, cleaning, feedings, and health and wellness checks.
      • Provided a wide range of animal care services for dogs, cats, reptiles, and small mammals.
      • Accommodate client's schedule along in order to provide animal care services and / or house sitting duties.
      • Provided in home daytime, evening and overnight pet and farm animal care.
      • Provided full service animal care - walking, feeding, and overnight care.
      • Provided personal animal care services for families that went out of town.
      • Performed animal care on a day to day basis.
      • Litter Boxes

        • Keep areas of living clean including bird cages, small animal cages, litter boxes, etc.
        • Provide meals, exercise, playtime, fat visits, and cleaning litter boxes and kennels.
        • Provided food and water, cleaned litter boxes and cages, and walked dogs.
        • Feed and exercise animals, administer medication, walk dogs and empty litter boxes.
        • Cleaned litter boxes and ensured clean, safe and healthy environments for pets.
        • Cleaned litter boxes, filled water bowls and even gave out medications.
        • Change litter boxes, Feed both dogs and cats when needed.
        • Clean litter boxes and use bags to dispose of dog waste.
        • Clean food / water area as well as litter boxes and yards.
        • Clean litter boxes and clean up any other pet messes.
        • Cleaned and disinfected litter boxes, equipment and work areas.
        • Cleaned litter boxes and played with the cats.
        • Clean litter boxes and refill them properly.
        • Clean litter boxes and rabbit hutches.
        • Fed cats and cleaned litter boxes.
        • Walk dogs, groom dogs and cats, clean litter boxes, clean up after cats and dogs.
        • Clean crates, cages, litter boxes, etc.
        • Scoop cats' litter boxes.
        • Medication Administration

          • Walk pets, feed pets, medication administration, client communication, cleaning up after pets.
          • Care given includes feeding and toileting, medication administration, as well as basic grooming.
          • Provided in home client visits including feeding, walking, medication administration and overnight stays.
          • Gained proficiency in animal handling, training, medication administration, and behavior management.
          • Water Plants

            • Collect mail, water plants, adjust lights, and run errands as needed when clients travel away from home.
            • Maintain safety and security of home, collect mail, water plants and provide all services as required.
            • Give medications, water plants, communicate with clients as needed while out of town.
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              Profil precision
              Behandling av djur
              Gabrielle, 2022-09-23

              Highly recommend Patricia as a dog sitter.

              She took care of my intelligent and energetic border collie called Spot, and was able to work with his commands and needs to create a fantastic bond with him. Spot loved her so much that he did not want to leave when it was time to pick him up.

              Patricia happily took Spot's special requirements into account when she cared for him without any problems at all. When he came home to it was clear he had a great day, had a lot of interaction and stimulation and was the happiest and most satisfied I have ever seen him after coming home from a sitter.

              Patricia also sent regular updates and even took a lot of fantastic pictures of Spot.

              Sara, 2022-09-21

              Tage hade a wonderful time with Patricia! And I got updates and pictures during the day, i could definitely tell they had become good friends when i picked him up ☺️ I would recommend and book her again for sure

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              Animal Fanatic

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